21 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress To Create Your Site

My blog is reader-supported. Articles may contain affiliate links. A lot of beginners are wondering why you should use WordPress for their website (or blog) and business owners wondering should I use WordPress to build my business website. This article will help you see the reasons why you should use WordPress to help you make your site (or blog). … Read more

How to Start a Successful Blog – Step by Step

Starting a new blog, you will contend with some fierce competition, and creating a successful blog is more than just: Buy a domain name and web hosting Install WordPress Start creating content These steps will help you in the process of creating and building a successful blog.  If you find a lot of competition in … Read more

What is WordPress? | What is the Cost? Beginners Guide

What is WordPress Used For? That is a great question as many people do not understand what WordPress is or what it is used for. If you are a beginner and just starting to do research on creating your own site, this information will help you find out that answer and (hopefully) answer a few … Read more