WordPress SEO Strategies for Beginners Free Guide

wordpress seo beginners guide

As a blogging beginner, you need a strong WordPress SEO strategy to gain traffic, boost your leads, and generate sales. However, it can be a confusing process when you are starting out. Overwhelming is an understatement with trying to keep up with all the SEO strategies when creating your WordPress blog. Oh, I do wish … Read more

How to Make a Static Homepage in WordPress

how to make static homepage wordpress

What is a Static HomePage in WordPress? The WordPress default homepage shows a list of your recent posts.  You may not want the homepage to just show your recent posts. You might want to display more for your target audience. For example: Explain to your visitors what your site is about  Products or services you … Read more

How to Start a Successful Blog – Step by Step

step by step tutorial how to start successful blog

Starting a new blog, you will contend with some fierce competition, and creating a successful blog is more than just: Buy a domain name and web hosting Install WordPress Start creating content These steps will help you in the process of creating and building a successful blog.  If you find a lot of competition in … Read more

WordPress Plugins: What are They and How to Install

how to install wordpress plugins

What are WordPress Plugins? WordPress plugins are a piece of software containing a function or group of functions (written in code) that are installed on your WordPress website. They extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress sites. You can find over 58,000 plugins to help you expand the functionality or add a new … Read more

How To Schedule a Post in WordPress – Beginners Tutorial

schedule post wordpress tutorial

Did you know you could write a post and have it scheduled to publish at a later time and date? Being able to schedule a post in WordPress is a great hidden feature. You can create your content days (or weeks or months) ahead of time and then schedule it. This will leave you more time for … Read more