Travel Blog Niche Ideas with Ways to Make Money and Blog Examples

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Travel niche blogs are growing by leaps and bounds in the blogging world.

When many people think of travel blogs, they envision trotting around the globe and writing about their adventures.

But even if you have never traveled outside your state or even your city, you can still create a successful travel blog.

These travel blog niche ideas are profitable because more and more people are stepping out of their comfort zone and discovering the world around them.

To give you a head start on your blog, this article explains what are all the different types of travel blog niches, examples of blog post titles, and ways to make money from your blog.

Here’s the list of travel blog niche ideas that I’ll talk about:

  • Camping
  • Continent/Region
  • Local Travel
  • Business Travel
  • Senior Travel
  • Solo Travel
  • Single Parent Travel
  • Couples Travel
  • Festival/Special Events
  • Remote Work Travel
  • Travel Outfits and Fashion
  • Family Traveling

I will share more details on each of these niches, why I chose these niche blog topics, some affiliate marketing programs, and other ways to make money with your blog.

Why Do I Need to Choose a Niche?

Travel a very broad topic.

Sure, there are millions of searches for this on Google every day but to make a successful site you will need to dive deep into this broad topic and decide which niche you want to build your site around.

Yes, many of the travel topics can be used in conjunction with one another, also called a cross niche.


  • Cold Weather +Tent Camping
  • Camping + Food
  • Region + Festivals + Food
  • Single Parent Travel + Budget Travel
  • Solo Travel + Pet
  • Continent Travel + Outfits and Fashion
  • Camping + Festival

The list could go on and on.

Do some research in the travel niche you want to start your blog in to see what content you can add on your blog to beat your competitors.

Furthermore, you may have seen many travel blogs that are writing about several different topics and have a huge following.

But many of these blogs have been around for a long time and created their blog when it was not so important to have a specific niche.

With competition fierce online, creating a niche travel blog will help you target the audience you want.

By targeting the right readers, it will make your blog more successful.

travel blog niche ideas ways to make money

Ways to Make Money with a Travel Blog

All of the travel blogs are using affiliate programs as one source to make money. The list of affiliate programs I have added to each of the niche topics is just a small sample of the affiliate programs you can use for each travel niche.

And yes, the same travel affiliate programs can be used for many of these different niches (like Amazon).

By doing some research for the travel niche you want to start blogging about, you can find many more affiliate programs.

Other ways you can make money with a travel blog:

  • Print on Demand products – t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, etc. for your brand
  • Sponsorships
  • Compensated guest writing
  • Artwork – photographs you have taken on your journey
  • Develop your own products – ebooks, courses, etc.
  • Podcast
  • Ads

By diversifying the ways you make money from your blog, you will be able to have a better source of steady income.

Different Types of Travel Blogs

Camping Travel Blogs

With over 1 million searches a month for the term camping within the keyword, this type of travel has seen tremendous growth over the years.

This growth is not just in the United States, but world wide.

From primitive camping (tent) to glamping (luxurious), there is a something for everyone to enjoy camping.

The sub-niches listed below are ideas you could start a camping blog on as they are all money-making topics.

  • RV Camping
  • Travel trailer Camping
  • Car/SUV Camping
  • Backpack Camping
  • Tent Camping
  • Glamping Camping
  • Kayak/Canoe Camping
  • Winter Camping
  • Bicycle Camping
  • Survivalist Camping

Because there are so many different types of camping blogs, it is really difficult to give you ideas on blog post titles.

If this is your niche, to get inspiration on blog post topics, take a look at whom your competitor would be and check out what they are writting about.

There are so many awesome camping blogs online. Here is just a small sample for you to get inspiration from:

Affiliate Programs for Camping: Amazon, Coleman,, Outdoor Vitals, REI, iKamper, Cotopaxi, Camp Chef, and Ramsey Outdoor.

Continent/Region Travel Blog

Are you an expert for a certain destination of the world?

It could be the state you live in, the Caribbean, or Asia.

Focus on a particular area that you want to blog about and become an expert for that area.

You could blog about:

  • Do you need a passport to go to the Caribbean?
  • Must see cities in Asia
  • Best romantic cabins in South Carolina
  • Must see spots in Norway
  • Most beautiful landmarks in Canada

Whichever region you choose, you could get targeted traffic for people that live there and want to explore, vacationers or people looking to relocate.

A few examples of continent/region travel blogs:

Affiliate Programs for Continent/Region Travel Blogs:,, Allianz Global Assistance, Agoda, or TripAdvisor.

Local Travel Blog

A local travel niche blog is a great idea if you love to explore your local area.

Starting a local travel blog can also bring in many different types of readers as your audience could consist of:

  • Locals looking for something new
  • People that just moved there or looking to move there
  • Vacationers coming to your area
  • Business travelers that need a break from their meetings

Because you live in the area, you have an insider view of all the great (or not so great) places. This gives you an huge advantage.

The “near me” search on mobile devices is done thousands of times every day and not done just for people looking for restaurants, plumbers, electricians, etc but people looking for fun things to do near them.

Yes, you will have competition from strong contenders but with living in the area, it gives you first hand knowledge.

Here are some blog post topic ideas:

  • Reviews of restaurants/hotels/B&B’s
  • Top attractions that are off the beaten path
  • 15 Things to Avoid in (your local area)
  • Spring/winter/fall/summer is the perfect time to visit (your local area)
  • Why You Should Visit (your local area) at Least Once in Your Life

Here is a great example of a local travel blog of Pittsburgh, PA and this Local Adventurer

Affiliate Programs for Local Travel Blogs:, Amazon, Tours (bus, airplane, walking, helicopter, etc.), or local events/attractions in your area.

When looking for affiliate programs for your local area, you will need to think outside the box.

For example: Etsy- create content around products that are made for your local area. This blog post of Top 100 Pittsburgh Products on Etsy is a great example.

Business Travel Blog

Traveling for business is a major feat in itself.

According to the Global Business Travel Association, 1.3 million business trips are taken in the US every day.

The reason I included this niche idea is that many of the business travel blog posts are very outdated (2+ years old).

And as you can see from the Global Business Travel Association, millions of people are taking business trips every day.

Whether it’s to fly to their destination or drive, they want (need) updated information.

If you live in an area that has a lot of business travelers or are a traveler yourself, you can create a profitable site with your knowledge.

Also there are a few ways to create your blog around business travel:

  • Within the country you live
  • International business travel

Some blog post ideas for business travel blog:

  • Best luggage for a one-week business trip
  • Essentials needed for business travel
  • Hotel safety tips for business travelers
  • Top 20 best travel accessories on Amazon
  • Packing checklist for business trips

Here is an example of a business travel blog – Road Warriorette or check out Travel After Five.

Affiliate Programs for Business Travel Blogs: Amazon,, Car rental companies, Flights, TripAdvisor, and Travel Insurance.

Senior Travel Blog

Many seniors (50+ years old) are hitting the road and traveling.

From living in an RV to globe trotting, this lifestyle is taking off.

If you are over 50 and have decided to travel, this would be a great opportunity to make money with your endevor.

Some blog post topics:

  • Traveling after _______ (50/60/70)
  • What to do and see in _________
  • The definitive guide for travel tips
  • Travel insurance: Why you need it
  • Reviews of cities/museums/points of interest

There are many older people traveling and I found some great examples of senior travel blogs:

Affiliate Programs for Senior Travel Blogs: Amazon,, Car rental companies, Flights, TripAdvisor, Travel Insurance and if you are taking photographs along the way, you could sell those through your blog or one of the many art websites.

Solo Travel Blog

This travel blog niche is becoming more and more popular. Female or male solo travelers have a very different story to tell their audience.

There are so many ways for you to start a successful blog with this niche.

Some examples include:

  • Best solo vacations for guys
  • Best solo beach vacations in US
  • How to travel alone for the first time
  • What you learn about yourself when traveling solo
  • Mistakes to avoid when traveling solo

If you’re a solo traveler, this is a great niche for you.

Highlight your travel experiences with tips, tricks and a lot of images.

Here are a few examples of solo travel blogs:

Affiliate Programs for Solo Travel Blogs: Skyscanner, Airtreks, Momondo, Hostelworld,, Agoda, Travel Insurance, Travel Credit Cards, Amazon, and REI.

travel blog niche ideas ways to make money

Single Parent Travel Blog

Being a single parent is hard enough but many single parents travel with their child(ren).

And traveling with children has it’s own situations that you must deal with.

Whether you travel local or abroad, creating a blog to document your journey can help other single parents see that it is not impossible.

Some blog post ideas:

  • Best resources to homeschool while traveling
  • Flying with a baby: Everything you need to know
  • What documents you need to travel to ______________
  • Beginners guide to traveling with you child

Check these single parent travel blogs out:

Affiliate Programs for Single Parent Travel Blogs: Skyscanner, Airtreks, Momondo, Hostelworld,, Agoda, Travel Insurance, Travel Credit Cards, iVisa, and Amazon.

Couples Travel Blog

Young or older, many couples are traveling their area, region or around the world. Having a blog created just for couples is a great niche.

You can talk about the pro’s and con’s with traveling with your partner.

Sure there are many places that are family and kid friendly, but what about the places just couples can go and see.

Blog post ideas:

  • Best couples cruises to ___________
  • Romantic getaways
  • How to embrace being with your significate other 24/7
  • 10 things you need to discuss before traveling together

Your audience could be younger to retired couples.

A few examples of couples travel blogs:

As you can see, there are many different types of couples blogs, where they have traveled and the information on their blog.

Affiliate Programs for Couples Travel Blogs:, Agoda, Travel Insurance, Travel Credit Cards, iVisa, and Amazon

Festival/Special Events Travel Blog

A festival and special events blog could also include state and local fairs, art and renaissance festivals, and music festivals.

Many festivals are 4 – 5 day events and often times people camp at the location.

For example, Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival is a 4 day event with a lineup of over 100 bands.

If you love to go to the different festivals and special events, this travel niche would be a great idea to create your blog around.

Some blog post ideas:

  • 10 best music festivals in the US
  • 10 best state fairs to visit this year
  • Top 50 fairs and carnivals in the _________
  • Essential items needed when going to a 4-day music fest
  • How to not lose your cell phone at a festival

Here are a few examples of festival blogs:

Affiliate Programs for Festival/Special Events Travel Blogs: Amazon, event ticket platforms, camping gear, and Print on Demand products.

Remote Work Travel Blog

Many people work from home but there are many others that are working remotely as they travel around their country.

Their main source of income is not their blog but a “9-5” job.

Tails of Wanderlust is a great example of this type of remote work and travel blog. Not only does she remote work and travel, she has a cat and dog with her on this adventure.

As of the writing of this post, she has traveled 70,600 miles, been to 21 states in the countries of USA and Canada.

Even though these people do have a 9-5 job to support their lifestyle, there are many affiliate programs they could use on their blog.

Affiliate Programs for Remote Work Travel Blogs: Amazon, insurance (pet, travel, RV), and credit cards.

Travel Outfits and Fashion Blog

If you are fashionable while you travel, this niche would be a great fit for you.

There are thousands of people every month searching for different types of outfits to wear for flights, romantic getaways, cruises, camping and all other different types of travel.

Some blog post ideas:

  • Comfortable travel outfits for long flights
  • 10 best travel outfits for Europe
  • 15 top travel outfits with leggings
  • Top matching travel outfits
  • Must have travel outfit essentials

Here are a few travel outfit blogs:

Affiliate Programs for Travel Outfits and Fashion Travel Blogs: Amazon, and clothing and accessories stores.

Family Travel Blog

Whether it’s living in an RV full time or traveling on vacations. Starting a family travel blog to document your journey is a great way to not only make money with it but to give guidance to others.

If you are a family that does this full or part time, start documenting your jouney to show others how they can do it also.

Blog post ideas:

  • Preparations needed for our full (part) time travel
  • We bought a ___________ (RV, travel trailer, tent) to travel and why it works for us
  • How to make money on the road besides a blog
  • Sources we use to “homeschool” our children

There are so many articles you could write for your readers to entertain or encourage them to start to travel.

Affiliate Programs for Family Travel Blogs: Amazon, insurance (rv, travel, etc.), credit cards, camping gear, and wifi gear.

In Conclusion

With all these different types of travel blog niche ideas, I am sure if you love to travel you would be able to create a successful and profitable blog.

There are many more travel niche topics that you could incorporate into you travel blog.

Take some time to research and I am sure you will be able to find the right fit for you.

Yes, there is competition in this niche but there is a lot of information missing and I know you would be able to add that to your travel niche blog.

If you are ready to get your travel blog started, check out my guide to create a successful blog, and let’s get you started on your blogging journey.

As always,

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