Makeup Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers | Over 100+ Ideas

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Hey all you beauty (or lifestyle) bloggers, here are some great makeup blog post ideas for you.

I know trying to come up great ideas week after week and month after month can make you have writer’s block.

So I put together these post ideas to help you get your content moving along.

Because this list was getting long, I grouped all the holidays and special events under their own heading to make it easier for you.

With so many blog post ideas, these should help to get your creative juices flowing.

Your Makeup Blog Post Ideas

  • What is the right age to start wearing makeup?
  • How to apply eyebrow pencil?
  • How to apply eyebrow makeup?
  • How to apply eyebrow gel?
  • How to draw your eyebrows with no hair?
  • How to fill in your eyebrows and make them look natural?
  • Best products for removing makeup
  • Best makeup brands for _________. (black skin/sensitive skin/acne prone skin/20XX
  • Best makeup brushes _________. (on a budget/for beginners/for mature skin/for sensitive skin)
  • How to hide _________ ( pimples/acne/pores/tattoo/scars/moles) using makeup?
  • How to use makeup to _______. (look younger/hide double chin/look sick/look older/look more masculine)
  • Makeup tips when you have chemo.
  • Makeup tutorial for chemo patients.
  • When should you throw away makeup?
  • Create a makeup expiration chart.
  • Ways to reuse expired makeup.
  • 15 minute easy makeup routine.
  • 5 minute makeup routine for over ______. (40/50)
  • Ways to coordinate your makeup with your outfit.
  • How to match eyeshadow with clothes.
  • Makeup for brown outfit.
  • Foundation makeup tutorials.
  • Foundation makeup that doesn’t rub off.
  • How to do makeup for a first date. (Or First date makeup tutorials)
  • Best foundation makeup for ________. (over 60/mature skin/oily skin/dry skin)
  • How to apply lip liner
  • Eyeshadow for green outfit.
  • Eye makeup with ______. (sea green dress/mint green dress)
  • Makeup looks for ________. (green eyes/brown eyes/blue eyes/prom/gray eyes/blue green eyes/gray hair/blue hair)
  • Makeup looks without ________. (foundation/eyeliner)
  • Makeup looks with _______. (red lipstick/gems/glitter/white eye liner)
  • 10 benefits of not wearing makeup.
  • What makeup is appropriate for a funeral?
  • Funeral makeup tips
  • Makeup for a Memorial service
  • 10 makeup tips to hide a hangover
  • Permanent vs Semi-Permanent makeup (pros and cons)
  • Create infographic on different types of Permanent makeup
  • Best eyeshadow palette for _______. (brown eyes/blue eyes/green eyes/beginners/hazel eyes/glitter/20XX)
  • How do I choose an eye shadow palette?
  • Should I wear warm or cool eyeshadow?
  • How to apply glitter eyeshadow for beginners
  • Types of makeup and What is each one used for (create infographic)
  • What are the different types of makeup foundation?
  • How to choose foundation color
  • Foundation vs __________ (concealer/bb cream/cc cream/powder/no foundation/tinted moisturizer)
  • Best lighted makeup mirror
  • Best tattoo makeup coverup
makeup blog post ideas for beauty bloggers

Makup Blog Post Ideas for Holidays and Special Events

  • 25-holiday party makeup ideas
  • 20-holiday office party makeup ideas
  • Christmas makeup _________. (looks/ideas)
  • 4th of July makeup tutorials.
  • Easter makeup _______. (looks/ideas/gift ideas)
  • How to do Halloween cat makeup
  • Memorial Day weekend makeup sales
  • 25 makeup ideas for Thanksgiving dinner
  • 5 makeup looks to wear this Thanksgiving
  • New Year’s Eve makeup ideas to ring in 20XX
  • Super Bowl makeup ideas 20XX
  • 10 Birthday makeup looks for your big day
  • Valentine’s Day makeup _______ (ideas/tutorials)
  • Cute Valentine’s Day makeup looks
  • St. Patrick’s Day makeup ideas
  • Cinco de Mayo makeup looks
  • Cinco de Mayo eye shadow palette
  • Check out what’s trending today

In Conclusion

All these makeup blog post ideas are what your readers are searching for.

Not only can you write an article but don’t forget to do a video to help your audience out even more.

I hope these gave you a lot of ideas for your blog.

If you need more ideas if your a beauty blogger, take a look at these beauty blog ideas to give you more topics to write about.

If these helped you out, leave a comment and let me know.

Last but not least, once you finish your article or video, I would love to see the finished product so let me know.

As Always,

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P.S. Need additional ideas? Check out my guide on how to find blog post ideas.