145+ Best Blog Post Ideas For Every Lifestyle Blogger (2021)

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Hey lifestyle bloggers, because your blog may have many different categories for topics to write about, it can seem overwhelming with trying to come up with good blog content.

Because this blog post ideas list is long, it is broken up with the top categories that are found in many personal lifestyle blogs to help you generate creative content for your readers.

Take a look through all the categories as you may find ideas that you can create content around.

As a side note, there are many blog post ideas that have (add affiliate links) after the topic ideas, this is a reminder for you to use your affiliate links within your articles to help your readers quickly find the products you are writing about.

lifestyle bloggers blog post ideas

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas by Categories


  • Fashion trends for a busy lifestyle
  • Cute socks to wear with Crocs on Amazon/Etsy (add affiliate links)
  • Minimalist fashion trends for 20XX
  • Frugal female fashion guide – tips and tricks
  • What to wear at work in the summer
  • Graduation pictures: What to wear
  • What to wear for a passport photo
  • Cute fashion trends for 60-degree weather
  • How to accessorize a black/yellow/white dress
  • How to pack dress pants
  • Best women’s no-iron shirts
  • 6 fabrics that don’t need to be dry-cleaned

Be creative with your fashion blog content. A few more ideas are to highlight outfits that are no wrinkles or how to get wrinkles out of clothes.


  • 5 simple snacks I take ________. (on the go/to the beach/to the pool/in the car)
  • Why I can’t live without my ___________. (Airfryer/Slow Cooker/Instant Pot) (add affiliate links)
  • 10 Best kitchen accessories every kitchen needs (add affiliate links)
  • How I plan my meals for a week (create simple downloadable planner)
  • 10 Best after school snacks
  • How I organized my kitchen to help with meal preparation
  • Age I started teaching my child to cook and what we made
  • Simple meals your child can help you cook
  • Easy recipes I make with my _________. (Airfryer/Slow Cooker/Instant Pot)
  • Quinoa salad recipes
  • Vegetarian gumbo recipes
  • Tasty spaghetti squash recipes

You can also create daily blog content to help your readers with simple and easy recipes and other time-saving tips for the kitchen.

Health and Fitness

  • 15 minute workout routines
  • Walking tips for beginners/seniors/weight loss/older adults
  • Mom/Dad and baby workouts
  • Cross Training Shoes vs Running/Walking/ Tennis Shoes
  • 13 stretches for lower back
  • Kettlelbell workouts for beginners
  • How to start working out – tips and tricks
  • Types of yoga – Guide to different styles
  • 10 Quotes for fitness motivation
  • Top exercises for core strengthening
  • Healthy eating plan
  • Tips for working out while traveling

If you are on a personal journey of being healthier and working fitness into your daily routine, give your readers tips and hacks to keep them motivated.


  • DIY lava lamp project
  • Easy DIY clock
  • Cute DIY garden box
  • Simple DIY hammock chair
  • DIY hooded baby towel
  • 5 Ikea DIY ideas
  • Step by step DIY dream catcher
  • DIY fairy wings with tulle
  • DIY dried flower wall hanging
  • DIY cloth diaper inserts
  • DIY infant car seat covers
  • 5 simple DIY crafts for kids

People love DIY projects! If you have an email list or followers ask them what type of projects they would like to see more of.


  • 5 Places you need to go and why
  • 5 things I wish I knew before my vacation to _________.
  • 10 things to keep in the car for long road trips. (add affiliate links)
  • 15 tips on how to have a less stressful vacation
  • My go-to checklist for packing for a trip
  • 10 things you need to pack when traveling with a pet
  • Budget-friendly vacations
  • Fun games to play in the car on a road trip
  • When to get your car serviced before a road trip
  • Tips for traveling with children on a plane
  • Kid-friendly vacation destinations
  • How I planned a romantic getaway
  • Fun things to do on your staycation

Whether traveling with your family or solo, checklists are a great way to help your readers with their travels.

lifestyle bloggers blog post ideas


  • How to make a budget you can live with
  • Top 10 tips for a no spend week
  • 5 products I never buy at _________. (Dollar General/Family Dollar/Grocery Store/Sam’s Club/Costco)
  • Why I (give/don’t give) my child an allowance.
  • Tips to save money on essential items
  • How to pay back student loans quickly
  • Tips for saving on your electric bill
  • How to increase your credit score
  • Best high interest savings accounts
  • Emergency account: Why it’s important to have one
  • Why car maintenance helps you save money
  • How Sam’s Club/Costco can help you save money

Show the readers they are not alone in their financial journey. Touch upon your own personal topics to help your readers understand you are on their side and want to help them.

Home Decor

  • How I made my house pet-friendly/kid-friendly
  • Best budget wall art on Etsy (add affiliate link)
  • Cute container storage ideas on Amazon (add affiliate link)
  • Best Wayfair/Amazon/Overstock bargains (add affiliate links)
  • Small bathroom storage ideas
  • Cute removable wallpaper for apartments on Amazon (add affiliate links)
  • DIY flower images for wall art
  • Affordable window curtains on Amazon (add affiliate links)
  • Kitchen paint colors that are timeless
  • Tips to organize your laundry room
  • Best laundry room decor on Etsy (add affiliate link)
  • 5 low light indoor plants

From ceilings to floors, there are so many decor topics you can write about to help your readers make their house a home. Also, don’t forget to help your readers decorate their outdoor living spaces.


  • Why every garden needs a gnome
  • Natural weed killer DIY
  • How to compost like a pro
  • How to start an herb garden
  • How to make a wall garden
  • 10 plants for a patio/porch
  • Unique containers for flowers
  • Adorable wind chimes on Amazon/Etsy (add affiliate links)
  • Simple flower bed designs
  • How to keep rabbits out of garden
  • How to create the perfect fairy garden
  • How to grow plants from seeds step by step

Container, fairy, wall, flower, herbs…..so many different gardening topics for you to blog about. You can also create a series to help your readers get ready for spring planting or what they need to do in the fall with their gardens.

Mom Blog

  • How to satisfy a picky eater
  • Tips to turn terrible two’s into terrific two’s
  • Essential items you need in a diaper bag
  • Affordable diaper bags on Amazon (add affiliate links)
  • How to listen to your tween
  • How to swaddle
  • Cloth diapers for beginners – Guide for new parents
  • Tips on potty training your child
  • How to balance work and home
  • Tips on finding affordable day care
  • Why you should never buy a used car seat
  • Best baby monitors on Amazon (add affiliate links)

The trials and tribulations of motherhood is also a great topic. Kids did not come with instruction manuals, so help your audience understand you have made mistakes also and things you learned from them.


  • How to shrink pores on the face
  • Favorite drugstore lipstick
  • 5 best skin care anti-aging products
  • Easy boy/girl hairstyles for school
  • Benefits of a soap scrub
  • Favorite quotes about beauty
  • Dime Beauty brand review
  • What beauty brands test on animals
  • Are monthly beauty boxes worth it?
  • How to change your skincare routine from summer to winter
  • How to make eyelashes look longer
  • Do a review of a popular skincare brand

Hey beauty bloggers, create additional content for your readers to help them shine with their inner body beauty.

Self Care

  • How to create a spa night at home (add affiliate links)
  • 10 inspirational quotes that help me through difficult times
  • 5 Tips I use to create “Me” time
  • 7 blogs I read to help me with self-care
  • Top list of binge-worthy Netflix shows
  • How I stopped feeling guilty for taking care of myself
  • Why my self-care is important for my family
  • Top back massage products on Amazon (add affiliate links)
  • How to take a mental health day and not feel guilty
  • 25 self-care items to do for yourself
  • 15 self-care things to do when you’re bored
  • What are the 6 types of self-care?

Self-care is do important to a person’s whole being. More topic ideas for your readers would be to share personal struggles you have had and how you have overcame them.


  • Fun family board games for game night
  • Creative family activities for toddlers
  • Unique family photo poses
  • Family rules sign on Etsy/Amazon (add affiliate links)
  • Budget Family traveling destinations
  • 10 ideas for family staycation
  • Ideas to put on a family bucket list
  • How to plan a family reuionion
  • Activities families can do together with examples
  • Places a family can explore together
  • Top 25 family quotes
  • Video games the whole family can enjoy

Families are looking for fun things to do. Create blog post topics around how families can spend time together while dealing with their busy lives.

In Conclusion

There you go, so many blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers!

These lifestyle article ideas will help you keep your content calender full.

Many of these topics can be used for the different categories that you may have on your blog.

Hope they help you create great articles.

And as always,

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