100 June Blog Post Ideas with Examples

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Summer is here!

We are already halfway through the year and these June blog post ideas will help you get through the second half.

This list of blog post ideas is in the categories of: Beauty, Home Decor, DIY, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Gardening, Health, Lifestyle, Personal Finance, Organizing, Parenting, Photography, Personal Development, Pet, Productivity, School, Social Media, Travel, Relationships, and Wedding Professionals.

Because many bloggers have overlapping niches on their site, take a look at all the ideas for June as you may find inspiration in a different niche post idea that you can incorporate into your site.

Also, there are blog post examples for you to look at for each niche to give you ideas and find ways you could make the information more informative, in-depth and a better user experience on your own blog.

Beauty Post Ideas for June

Summer heat is already starting. Help your readers with beauty tips and tricks to let them enjoy summer and the heat it brings.

  • Wedding makeup tips (in wedding or attending)
  • Hairstyles for the beach
  • Best foundation with sun protection (spf)
  • Favorite eyeshadow palette
  • How to pack beauty products for travel

Blog Post Example: Hairstyles for the Beach

DIY Blog Ideas for June

Father’s Day projects are sure to shine this month with your readers. Outside DIY projects are another great topic for your readers.

  • DIY project ideas for Father’s Day
  • DIY project ideas to celebrate Great Outdoors Month
  • DIY mason jar centerpieces
  • Best DIY headboard ideas
  • How to DIY a firepit

Blog post example: Mason Jar Centerpieces

Fashion Post Ideas for June

Finally, your readers can put away their winter clothes and it’s time to rock those summer outfits. Don’t forget to give your audience fashion tips to help them pick out a great Father’s Day gift.

  • Beachwear trends
  • Must have vacation fashion trends
  • Second Friday in June – Celebrate National Flip Flop Day
  • Third Friday in June – Fashion outfits for Take a Road Trip Day
  • Best gift ideas for Father’s Day

Blog Post Example: Celebrating National Flip Flop Day

Fitness Post Ideas for June

Outside is where many of your readers are wanting to be. Show them how to enjoy the sunshine and get fit all at the same time.

  • Exercises to help Celebrate Great Outdoors Month
  • June 3 – Ways to celebrate World Bicycle Day
  • Fitness and Kids – How to get them moving
  • Best fitness tips for beginners
  • How to workout with things around the house

Blog Post Example: How to workout with things around the house

Food Post Ideas for June

Many of your readers are headed to the beach and the great outdoors. With summer comes the start of Farmer’s markets in many of your audience’s areas. Help them find great deals for summer delights in recipes for fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Father’s Day meal ideas
  • Snacks to bring to the beach or pool
  • Best recipes to celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month
  • What not to buy at a Farmer’s Market
  • Simple recipes for busy families

Blog post example: What not to buy at a Farmer’s Market

Gardening Post Ideas for June

June is a busy time for your gardening. From to-do lists that need to be done to container gardening for small spaces.

  • Ways to celebrate National Gardening Week (first full week of June)
  • Types of Herbs you can grow indoors
  • How to weed like a pro – June 13 – National Weed Your Garden Day (create a series)
  • What foods to great in a container garden
  • June gardening To-Do List

Blog Post Example: How to weed like a pro

june blog post ideas with examples

Health Post Ideas for June

With the year halfway over, many of your readers may be sliding on their healthy living. With the temperatures rising, and families busy, create topics to keep your readers on a healthy track.

  • 5 healthy tips to do every day
  • Tips to get your father a health checkup
  • 5 foods you thought were healthy but are unhealthy
  • Smoothies – Why they are not healthy
  • Tips on how to drink recommended water a day

Blog Post Example: Talking to Dad about his health

Home Decor Post Ideas for June

Since June is a month many people are spending in their outside spaces, create a series on outdoor living and decorating on a small budget.

  • How to decorate for Father’s Day
  • Should kids choose their room color
  • What is the best color for the elderly?
  • How do you decorate a room with a cat?
  • What color not to paint your kitchen?

Blog Post Example: Decorating a room with a cat

Lifestyle Post Ideas for June

Hey lifestyle bloggers, here are some great topics for you to talk to your readers about. Since you many have many other topics on your blog, checkout the other niches to get more ideas for your blog posts.

  • How my life changed when I turned 20/30/40
  • 5 underrated songs
  • Traveling with kids – How to make it stress-free
  • How to handle a busy schedule
  • No spend week
  • Best things to add to your coffee

Blog Post Example: Unique ingredients to add to your coffee

Personal Finance Post Ideas for June

Your readers personal finances are a never ending task for them to keep on track. Since the year is halfway over, help them start planning for Christmas gift giving to show them how to have a stress free holiday.

  • How to financially protect your loved ones
  • How to maximize your employment benefits
  • 1-year financial goals
  • 10 reasons not to buy a house (create an infographic with your article)
  • Lease a car vs buy a car

Blog Post Example: 10 reasons not to buy a house

Organizing Post Ideas for June

With your readers on the go, help them organize their cars, outside spaces and garages so they can enjoy summer with their family.

  • Best products to organize a car trunk
  • How to organize a broom closet
  • Best way to organize your clothes
  • Organization tips for work
  • Organizing for beginners

Blog Post Example: How to organize your clothes closet

Parenting Post Ideas for June

Parenting bloggers always have something to write about since dealing with kids is a 24/7 job. But if you are stuck on what to blog about this month, check out these ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • How to teach your child social skills
  • Kids and money – Best age to teach them
  • How to find affordable daycare
  • 10 things I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have children
  • What is the best age to teach your child to cook

Blog Post Ideas: 10 ways to teach your child social skills

Pet Post Ideas for June

The summer brings heat to all parts of the world, share your best tips on keeping your animal cool and hydrated while outside. Also, with June being Adopt a shelter cat month, create a series on how to choose a cat for your family.

  • Products needed for a new pet – create a checklist
  • Adopt a Shelter Cat Month – Choosing your new cat from a resue shelter
  • Tips for choosing the right toys for your pet
  • How to find pet-friendly hotels when traveling
  • How to celebrate your pet’s birthday

Blog Post Example: New Puppy Checklist

Photography Post Ideas for June

Photographys make time stand still. Give tips and tricks to help your readers take the best Father’s Day pictures with using different props.

  • Father’s Day photo ideas
  • Family pictures with dogs ideas
  • How to take pet photos – beginners tutorial
  • How to become a better photographer using these tools
  • Summertime fun at the beach – Taking great water photos

Blog Post Example: Pet photograph tips and techniques

Personal Development Post Ideas for June

Motivation, confidence, or getting along with difficult family member topics can help your readers delve into their personal development.

  • Things that make you happy and enjoy life more
  • If life had a loading screen, what would be some tips shown on it?
  • How to boost your confidence when life has you down
  • Best motivation quotes for busy moms
  • 20 quotes of words of wisdom from your favorite people

Blog Post Example: Best motivation quotes for busy moms

Relationship Post Ideas for June

Relationship blogs are great for expanding your reader’s minds with helpful hints on friendships, dealing with significant other not wanting to make a commitment, or getting along with family members.

  • Hacks that make being together easier and frictionless
  • 20 free ways to show you care
  • How to move past a betrayal
  • How to make new friends
  • How to forgive your ________ for hurting you

Blog Post Example: 20 free ways to show you care

School Post Ideas for June

Many people are going back to get their GED or get a college degree, list tips to help them on their journey or places they can find support to help them study.

  • How not to get the summer blues
  • Summer reading list of little known authors
  • Certifications you need to get a job in the _________ field
  • College student moving home for summer – Tips to make it less stressful
  • Things to do before you start your internship

Blog Post Example: Things to do before you start your internship

Social Media Post Ideas for June

From Twitter to Tictok, social media is exploding with so many different topics to help your readers get the most out of their preferred social media platform. Create tips, tricks and hacks to help them get the most out of their followers.

  • Instagram tips for Father’s Day
  • 5 LinkedIn articles you don’t want to miss
  • Create Infographic on the different social media site and optimal times to post content
  • How to write board descriptions on Pinterest
  • Tiktok – Why this platform has all age groups creating videos

Blog Post Example: How to write board descriptions on Pinterest

Travel Post Ideas for June

Travel blogging is still a great topic to write about. With summer getting into full swing, give your readers tips and tricks on festivals you will be attending this month.

  • Which campsites are pet-friendly
  • Glamping places in ______________ (your state, area)
  • How can traveling together rekindle your relationship
  • Best luggage to take on your vacation
  • Best off the beaten path destinations in ____________ (your area, you have been to, your state, etc)

Blog post example: Rekindle Your Relationship by Traveling

Wedding Professionals Post Ideas for June

With June here, I know the wedding professional bloggers are in full swing for the season. Don’t let your readers down now, they need all your helpful tips and tricks for their wedding plans in the fall.

  • Best props for wedding pictures
  • DIY wedding invitations
  • What to do when guests don’t RSVP to your wedding
  • Wedding gift ideas for a second marriage
  • Checklist of wedding reception essentials

Blog Post Example: Guests who don’t RSVP

In Conclusion

With many bloggers having cross-niches in their blogs, this list will help you find all the blog post ideas for all the topics you are writing about.

And just because June is halfway through the year, don’t let this break your momentum on writing informative and quality content for your readers.

Did I miss a blog niche that should be included in this list? Let me know in the comments.

And as always,

Create Yours, Step-by-Step,

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P.S. Keep your blogging momentum going by checking out how to find blog post ideas for topic ideas to use the rest of the year.

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june blog post ideas with examples

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