How To Schedule a Post in WordPress – Beginners Tutorial

Did you know you could write a post and have it scheduled to publish at a later time and date?

Being able to schedule a post in WordPress is a great hidden feature.

Many beginners (and even some non-beginners) don’t even know about this awesome feature.

In this article, I will show you how to schedule a post in WordPress so it will publish automatically on the date and time you specify.

Why Schedule Posts in WordPress?

  1. You are going on vacation but don’t want your regular traffic to have to wait until you get back to read new articles.
  2. Publish a new post at the same time to help your readers start their day (while they drink their coffee) or at their lunch time.
  3. Your website is part of an organization (like a church) so you can write the post ahead of time and till keep them in the loop.
  4. You have a busy week (or month) coming up with family events but don’t want your readers thinking you forgot about them.

And yes, there are many more reasons why you may want to schedule your posts.

How Do You Schedule a Post in WordPress?

  1. After you are finished writing your post and before clicking on Publish, look above the publish button to Publish immediately. Click on Edit next to Publish immediately.
  2. Set your Date and Time – The time is a 24-hour clock (also called military time). If you want to post at 8:00 a.m. you would set it to 0800. If 6:30 p.m., you would set it to 1830.
  3. Click OK
  4. Click on Schedule

how to schedule post wordpress


Now you can schedule your posts in WordPress by following the above steps.

Quick Tip: This chart will convert the 24-hour day to standard time to help you schedule the correct time:


Use this chart to help with setting the correct time to schedule a post


Quick Tip: When you schedule your posts to publish at a later date/time, it will be based on your Timezone setting in Settings -> General menu.

How Can I Make Sure It is Scheduled?

You can see if it is scheduled to publish by going to Post -> All Posts. You will then see Scheduled next to the post title.


 post scheduled

Can I Change The Scheduled Date or Time?

Yes, You can. If you need to update the date or time (or both). Go to Post -> All Posts. Find the post you want to change and Click on Quick Edit. Change the date and/or time and then click on Update.


In Conclusion

Being able to schedule your blog posts is a great way to help you when you are on vacation or want to keep the time that you post consistent for your readers.

Do you use the scheduling of posts in WordPress? Would love to hear your comments and feedback for the reasons you like using it.


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