How to Find Blog Post Ideas for Any Niche

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Your content is very important to the success of your blog and having writer’s block just makes it more frustrating.

Why does it seem so difficult to find content for your blog?

Yea, I have been there, and sometimes brainstorming doesn’t work. 

There are so many places to find good blog post ideas that will keep you blogging for many months and many of these places can give you unique blog ideas.

I have compiled a list of over 30 places to show you how to find blog post topics for an endless supply of ideas for any niche.

find blog post topic ideas

How to Find Blog Topic Ideas

Some of these places may not be in your niche, but with 30+ places listed, I am sure you will find plenty of content for your blog.

Answer the Public

This tool helps you see what people are asking about in your niche.

You may be able to put some of the questions together to come up with an in-depth article (or two) or even take several of the questions and create an FAQ page.


If you are in the relationship niche, this is the place to find blog post ideas.

You can search the different categories: girl’s behavior, guy’s behavior, flirting, dating, questions, and polls.

Alsoasked pulls the questions you see in the Also Asked feature on Google Search Results.

Even though the Also Asked feature is just a small snippet of answers to the questions, you could an FAQ page or expand on the answer.


Instead of combing through millions of Reddit topics trying to find blog post ideas, here is a free tool to make the job quicker.

Reddit Keyword Research Tool – start typing in the search block and it will auto-generate subreddit topics, pick one, then hit “Get Keywords”. You will be able to see keywords, US monthly search volume, and a link to see the context.

This question-and-answer site does not look very up-to-date but you may be able to find evergreen ideas to write a blog post.


This keyword/competitor research tool only allows 3 free searches a day. That could get you started on finding high search, low competition blog post ideas.

But, if it is in your budget, the monthly plan starts at $29 USD, or lifetime $290 USD is a great bargain to do more in-depth research.


Seeing what your competitor has already written (or videos/podcasts) about makes for a great place to start looking for blog post ideas.

Places to find blog post ideas from your competitor:

  1. Newsletter
  2. Blog posts/podcasts/videos – current and older ones
  3. Blog comments

Blog Comments in Your Niche

This may not necessarily be a direct competitor of yours but posts they have created about your niche may have comments.

And yea, I know, reading through blog comments seems like a task that takes forever.

But you may find gold nuggets within the comments that you can use to create blog posts.


With millions of people going to Quora monthly, you can find a lot of blog post ideas that could last you a long time.

You do need to make an account to use Quora, but it is worth it. 

Google Trends

See what is trending on Google. 

When exploring your keyword in Google Trends, scroll down and also look at Related topics and Related queries, These will give you additional blog post ideas.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is used for ads on Google, but you can use this free tool for finding blog post ideas. This keyword tool shows you search volumes for keywords, so if the search volume is low, you can decide if the topic ideas are worth the time and effort.

Google Image Search

Type in a broad topic in Google Images. Tags will appear at the top of the page that Google considers closely related to your search term.

Look through the tags, and you may be able to come up with a combining a few of the tags for a new blog post.

If you see an arrow on the right side, click on it and you will be shown additional content topic ideas.

Start a Series on One Topic

Look through your blog contents, or your competitors, or any of the other methods here for content that could be made into a series. Many of the “how-to” blog posts can be used to explain the topic more in-depth.

Facebook Ad Library

Search for a Facebook page within your niche.

You are looking for boosted posts, not traditional ads.

Because if a person/company is paying for a boosted post, it is most likely performing well.

You can also take a look at the exact words and phrases they are using to promote their post.  This is helpful for two reasons:

1. Have keywords to focus on

2. If you decide to promote your content, you will already have the words and phrases.


Pinterest is a huge social media platform to find great ideas for blog posts.

If your competitors are on Pinterest, take a look at the pins they have created and use those ideas to help you write your own articles.


Millions of people everyday go to Youtube to find information. See what your competitors are creating videos about in your niche.

Many times in the comments the visitors say they would like more information about ______ (fill in the blank). 

Whatever information the video is missing, you may be able to create content around it.

find blog post topic ideas


Udemy is another great (and underutilized) place to find blog post ideas. 

Udemy has many categories that most bloggers can find something within their niche.

Drill down to the sub-categories to help you locate ideas.

Ask your audience

Whether you have a small following (or large), ask your audience what information they are looking for.  You may find that a lot of them are looking for the same information.

Also, many people do have all the information but are not sure which steps to take to achieve their outcome. So your content can help your audience put all the pieces to the puzzle together.

Your Blog Comments

Check out what your visitors are saying. 

Maybe you need to add more information or update the post.

This is a Q & A site.  Check out the Tags. This will help narrow your search down to see if your niche topic has a lot of questions (and answers).

Fluther is also another Q & A site. It does not have a lot of activity but you may be able to find a few gold nuggets there.

If you are in the DIY technology niche, this Q & A helps visitors with “how to” fix their computer, car, motorcycles, internet, etc. problems.

Avvo is a legal-related site. If you are in the legal niche, check out the FAQ’s and articles.


This site has been helping people since 1998 with computer-related problems.

If you are in this niche, check out the forum area for some blog post ideas.


This “how-to” site has videos with step-by-step instructions on many different topics. 

Find blog post ideas for your niche and expand on the how-to” steps with an article.

Seasonal Content

Whatever the season, you can find a topic to write about in your niche.

Yes, people still buy magazines! Find a few in your niche and look at the article titles. These can help you come up with some really good blog post ideas of your own.


People love “how-to’s”. This site has 19 different categories to choose from.

I am sure there is a lot of these how-to’s you could expand on.


This is another “how-to” site with step-by-step instructions.

Creating a how-to tutorial helps people solve their problem and that is why these big names ‘how-to” sites have gotten so popular.

Create a “Top XYZ” list

Another blog post idea is to make a list post. Any niche can create a top 10 list to help their readers.


With thousands of articles in the point of view of writers everywhere, you just need to look at the topics page to see what content would help you come up with a few (or many) blog post ideas.


If you are in the health care niche, check out the topics page to see questions people are asking Doctors.

Yahoo answers

Yahoo Answers has been around for many years. With 26 different categories, you should be able to find some blog post ideas to write about. 

This site is questions about the bible and god. If you are in this niche, they have over 600,000 questions answered.


You could create a blog post about a holiday in your country, state, or city. 

How you are celebrating, special food, gift-giving, etc.

If you don’t have a holiday celebration in your area, check out the different holidays for every month of the year.

This Website

Ok, yea, I am going to add my website for places to help you find blog post ideas.

I know one of the most asked question by new (and veteran) bloggers is what should I blog about?

To help you on your blogging journey, I created a category just for blog post ideas to get your creative juices flowing with topics and stop the writer’s blog.

Check them out as there are topic ideas for many different niches.

In Conclusion

Well, there you have it!  Over 30 places for how to find blog post content ideas.

As you are going through the above list, create your own list of all the places that help you come up with your blog content so you will never run out of ideas again.

I hope this list shows you how to find unique blog topic ideas to help you overcome your writer’s block.

And as always,

Create Yours: Step-by-Step,

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