Hair Care Blog Post Ideas for Beauty/Lifestyle Bloggers – 100+ Ideas

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Hey bloggers! Whether you’re a beauty or lifestyle blogger, here are some great hair care blog post ideas for you.

These topics would be great to use any time as your readers are always looking for new hair care content.

To give you even more topics, many of the ideas listed below may have a / with the idea.

For example: Hot Air Brush vs Hair Dryer/Curling Iron/Flat Iron

This “vs” can actually be made into 3 different articles or videos.

So if you are creating content once a week, this would be 3 weeks of blog post topics for you.

With that said, let’s get this rolling!

Hair Care Blog Post Ideas

  • Hair Care Tips for Long/Dry Hair
  • 10 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair
  • Homemade (DIY) Hair Care Tips
  • Toddler Hair Care Tips
  • Best Hair Masks for Dry/Frizzy/Damaged Hair
  • What is a Hair Mask?
  • Hair Mask vs Conditioner
  • Different Types of Hair Brushes
  • How Do I Choose the Right Hair Brush
  • Hair Brush Types for Curly/Wavy Hair and Their Uses
  • Hair Straightener Brush vs Flat Iron
  • Best Hot Air Brushes of 20XX
  • Hot Air Brush vs Hair Dryer/Curling Iron/Flat Iron
  • Hot Air Brush Tutorial
  • Best Hair Styles for Working Out
  • Best Way to Tie Hair to Avoid Breakage
  • 5 Hairstyles That Don’t Hurt Your Head
  • How to Put Your Hair Up Without Hurting
  • 10 Damaging Hairstyles That Could Hurt Your Hair
  • Hair Styles for Migraine Sufferers
  • Best Baby Hair Tips/Products
  • 10 Ways to Clean A Hair Brush: How Often and Why Clean It
  • Best Curly Hair Products on a Budget
  • How Often to Shampoo and Condition Women’s Hair/Men’s Hair/Beard
  • Do I Have to Shave Pubic Hair Before Birth?
  • How to Care for Your Pubic Hair male/female
  • How to Keep Pubic Hair Soft
  • Pubic Hair Care Routine
  • Waxing vs Facial/Pubic Hair Removal Cream
  • Best Waxing Cream for Face/Legs
  • 10 Best Ways to Get Rid of Facial Hair
  • Best Amazon Products for Curly Hair
  • Best Amazon Hair Care Products
  • Best Amazon Hot Air Brushes
  • Best Hot Air Brush for Volume/Fine Hair
  • 15 Best Foods for Healthy Hair and Scalp
  • What Foods Are Bad for Hair
  • 10 Ways to Organize Hair Care Products
  • Storage Ideas for Hair Accessories, Tools, and Products
  • How to Shave Your Legs for a Beginner
  • How Often Should I Shave My Legs?
  • Best Lotion to Shave Your Legs
  • What Direction to Shave Your Legs?
  • 10 Shaving Cream Alternatives to Shave Your Legs
  • When Should a Girl First Shave Her Legs?
  • Should a Girl Shave Her Face?
  • How to Shave Your Armpits for The First Time
  • Health Benefits of Not Shaving Armpits
  • 5 Best Armpit Shavers
  • Why You Should Never Share a Razor
  • Can a Woman Use a Man’s Razor?
  • Can a Woman Use a Man’s Electric Razor?
  • Men’s and Women’s Razor: What’s the Difference?
  • Best Male Razors for Females
  • Best Razor for Shaving Legs
  • Can You Use The Same Razor for Face and Pubic Area?
  • Hairstyles for the Gym/Summer/Pool/Beach
  • Tips for Using Waxing Cream
  • Generic vs Name Brand Razors
  • How to Shave Your Head Bald
  • 12 Best Hair Straighteners and Flat Irons 20XX
  • Best Hair Straightener for Thick/Thin/Frizzy/Damaged/Curly Hair
  • Best Eco-Friendly Razors/Hair Care Products
  • Dry Shampoo vs Washing Hair
  • Best Shampoo Bars For Every Hair Type
  • Best Cruelty-Free and Vegan Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Best Cruelty-Free Hairspray/Hair Removal Cream/Hair Dye/Hair Mousee/Hair Mask
  • Simple Braided Hairstyles/Updos/Ponytail/Hair
  • Updos for Long/Short/Medium/Curly/Thin Hair
  • Updos for Weddings/Prom
  • Best Detangling Brush for Curly Hair
  • Best Detangler for Curly/Kids/Matted Hair

In Conclusion

With over 100 hair care blog post ideas, I hope these fill up your content calendar for a while.

If you need more content ideas, check out my other blog post ideas to make sure you never run out of content topics.

If you found these helpful, please leave me a comment to let me know.

And As Always,

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