100 Blog Post Ideas for May

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May is here! And with it, summer is closer and more topics to help your audience with these blog post ideas for May.

So, whether your a new blogger or having problems coming up with some great topic ideas for May, these blog ideas will get your started.

I have created a list of blog post ideas for these categories: Beauty, Home Decor, DIY, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Gardening, Health, Lifestyle, Personal Finance, Organizing, Parenting, Photography, Personal Development, Pet, Productivity, School, Social Media, Travel, Relationships, and Wedding Professionals.

Take a look through all the niche ideas, as you may be able to find inspiration with another niche topic to incorporate into your content.

Beauty Post Ideas for May

Even though spring is close to the end, your beauty blog can sizzle in May with many more content topics you can write about.

  • Best Mother’s Day Beauty Buys
  • Graduation makeup tips
  • Favorite makeup brushes
  • Hairstyle Ideas
  • 10 affordable makeup products
may blog post ideas

DIY Blog Ideas for May

Oh, Memorial Day projects! There are so many you can do this month to keep your readers coming back. Be creative with your projects and don’t forget to include projects for kids.

  • DIY project ideas for Memorial Day
  • DIY project ideas for Mother’s Day
  • DIY project ideas for National Space Day
  • How to DIY dried flowers
  • Craft project ideas for kids

Blog post example: Craft project ideas for kids

Fashion Post Ideas for May

Bring out the summer dresses! And also don’t forget to create content about how to accessorize your audience’s outfits.

  • Memorial Day fashion trends
  • Must have May Fashion trends
  • Fashion ideas for Star Wars lovers
  • May jewelry bargains

Fitness Post Ideas for May

The temperatures are getting warmer and warmer. Help your readers get moving outside to achieve their fitness goals.

  • What are the requirements for a military fitness test
  • Best equipment for a home gym
  • How to train for a 5k race
  • Fitness tips for kids
  • Best fitness advice you have received

Food Post Ideas for May

There are so many topics you can write about for May, with Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and BBQ season starting, having a series for any (or all) of them will keep you busy this month.

  • Mother’s Day appetizer ideas
  • BBQ recipe ideas
  • Snacks to bring for your kid’s baseball games
  • Picnic recipe ideas for Memorial Day
  • May 24 – National Asparagus Day – Easy recipes that include asparagus

Blog post example: Easy Asparagus recipes

Gardening Post Ideas for May

Well, gardening bloggers, the gardens are planted and starting to grow. Give your audience some topics to think about while they are out weeding their plants.

  • Make mom a special gift for Mother’s Day
  • Container Gardening tips for people in the armed forces
  • May 29 – Learn about Composting Day
  • How to vegetable gardening in containers
  • Best garden lighting ideas
  • 5 best ways to keep weeds out of the garden

Health Post Ideas for May

Being healthy does not have to be boring. Keep your readers interested in keeping their healthy lifestyle with these awesome content topics.

  • May 4 – Star Wars Day – May the Force be with You fitness workouts
  • Health supplement tips for moms
  • May 26 – World Lindy Hop Day dance fitness routines
  • National Mediterranean Diet Month
  • National Salad Month

Blog post example: Star Wars workout

Home Decor Post Ideas for May

With May celebrating Memorial Day, create a “how to” series for decorating the patio/deck area that your audience can enjoy all summer long.

  • Tips for decorating a child’s room when they love Star Wars
  • Decorating Ideas for Mother’s Day
  • How to decorate an outside space
  • How to decorate military housing on a budget

Lifestyle Post Ideas for May

Many lifestyle bloggers have the best of all worlds as they incorporate many different topics into their blogs. Sure you can blog about Mother’s Day and Memorial day, but check out these other fun “holidays” in May to create content your readers will love.

  • May 1 – Get creative with International Harry Potter Day
  • May 4 – Fun activities for Star Wars Day
  • May 10 – Cleaning ideas for National Clean Your Room Day
  • May 28 – Recipe ideas for National Hamburger Day
  • Military People Appreciation Month – 5 ways to show your appreciation

Blog post example: Ways to show your gratitude during Military Appreciation Month

Personal Finance Post Ideas for May

Wedding, vacations, graduations and so much more going on this month will keep you busy creating content to help your readers with their personal finances.

  • Graduation party ideas on a tight budget
  • May 2 – 3 National Pet Week – How to save money on pet supplies
  • How to save money on a vacation
  • May 10 – National Clean Your Room Day – Things to donate to celebrate this day
  • Tips for a “no spend” day

Organizing Post Ideas for May

Create your readers checklists for items not to forget when they are heading out to the beach and vacations.

  • Checklist to organize beach items
  • May 10 – Clean Your Room Day – How to organize a ____________ (kid’s room, bedroom, laundry, bathroom, etc.) to celebrate clean your room day
  • Tips to organize can foods
  • Morning rituals – How to organize
  • How to declutter a closet

Parenting Post Ideas for May

Ok, parenting bloggers, once again you have so many things to write about in May.

  • Ideas for a baby shower in May
  • National Teen Self-Esteem Month – Tips to help your teen with self-esteem issues
  • May 2 – National Brothers and Sisters Day – 5 fun activities to celebrate this day
  • May 15 – International Day of Families
  • Ways to make this Mother’s Day memorable
  • National Foster Care Month – How to become a foster parent

Pet Post Ideas for May

Show your audience love with great tech ideas for pets, and create a series to help them celebrate National Pet Week.

  • New tech gadgets for pet owners
  • May 2 to 8 – National Pet Week
  • How to find a veterinarian for your pet
  • What foods should you not give your pet
  • Best practices for socializing with your pet

Blog post example: Ways to celebrate National Pet Week

Photography Post Ideas for May

With Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and graduations happening this month, give your readers some guides to help them take great photographs for the events.

  • May 7 – National Tourism Day – Pictures of local interest
  • Tips for great Mother’s day photographs
  • Unique graduation day photograph ideas
  • May 2 to 8 – National Pet Week – Creative ideas for pet photographs
  • Memorial Day photograph prop ideas
may blog post ideas

Personal Development Post Ideas for May

Personal development blogs are great and having inspirational articles can really get your readers coming back for more. Your content can encourage readers to work on their relationships, careers, marriages and so much more.

  • How to manage your finances
  • How to manage your feelings
  • Spiritual Gift giving ideas
  • 5 ways to forgive yourself
  • How to improve your career choice

Relationship Post Ideas for May

Your relationship blog can help keep people centered on creating health ones. Having a point of view series is a great way to create content all month long.

  • Dating advice from a women’s (or man’s) point of view
  • 10 things to do in your relationship to keep it happy
  • Tips on how to communicate with your _____________ (wife, husband, child, mother, father, in-laws, etc.)
  • 5 words not to use in a disagreement
  • 15 free date night ideas

School Post Ideas for May

School blogs are not only about college students and homeschooling, but they can also offer readers on where to find the best online learning for so many different topics.

  • Balancing life with school
  • Best scholarship sites
  • Step by step to homeschool your child
  • Cost to homeschool child
  • 10 essential things for a dorm room

Social Media Post Ideas for May

With so many social media sites that people use to connect, helping your readers get the most out of whichever site they use is a win-win for both of you.

  • Instagram tips for Mother’s Day
  • 5 LinkedIn profile tips
  • Create Infographic on the different social media site and how your readers can benefit from them
  • How to find keywords in Pinterest
  • Tiktok – Who should use this platform and why

Travel Post Ideas for May

Many people are looking to start traveling now that summer is fast approching. Show your readers how they can step out of their comfort zone and plan a vacation with their family, significate other, besties weekend getaways or family reunions.

  • Best Practices for traveling solo
  • Glamping – What is it and the best places to go
  • Best romantic getaways
  • Festival outfit ideas
  • Best flea markets in ____________ (your area, you have been to, your state, etc)

Blog post example: What is Glamping?

Relationships Post Ideas for May

From loving relationships to trying to get out of a toxic one, help your readers learn how to take their relationships to one that will give them personal growth.

  • Relationship tips for _________ (men, women, couples, singles, teenage girl, etc)
  • Top 10 Best relationship quotes
  • Relationship goals in a marriage
  • 50 relationship questions to ask your __________ (wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc)
  • 25 questions to spark a converstion with ____________ (wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, mother, etc.)

Wedding Professionals Post Ideas for May

With wedding season getting ready to come into full swing, your audience would love to have help in how to have the dream wedding of their life but remove the stress with the planning.

  • Best wedding apps
  • How do I plan a simple wedding?
  • Different types of wedding venues
  • Is hiring a wedding planner worth it?
  • DIY wedding centerpieces

In Conclusion

Don’t forget, many bloggers have all different categories within their blog, so make sure you check out all of the ideas here as many may inspire you to use that topic within your own blog.

With all these May blog post ideas to help you out, you should be able to create content that your readers will love.

And as always,

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