38 Blog Post Ideas for March

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March brings in spring! Your thinking might be thawing out from winter and struggling to come up with some great blog post ideas for March.

I have rounded up some content topics you can use to keep you blogging through the month.

  • How does Daylight Savings Time affect you and what changes you make (if any)?
  • Start a 4 part series for a topic in your niche and create content around it each week.
  • What is your favorite saying and why
  • I wanted to be a __________ when I grew up.
  • Changes in your wardrobe (or your kids, pets, or significant other)
  • Best advice you ever got and how you use it now.
  • 5 things you can’t live without.
  • Tips and what products you use to help you relax
march blog post ideas

March Daily Holidays for Blog Post Ideas

There are many daily holidays you can create content about for your blog. If you haven’t ever “celebrated” them, how you plan to start and products you may use to celebrate the festivities.

  • March 5 – National Day of Unplugging – what are you going to be unplugging for the day? You could write an article before you unplug for the day and then another one after the day to let your readers know how it went.
  • March 6 – National Frozen Food Day – What frozen food do you always have on-hand?
  • March 10 – National Pack Your Lunch Day – This is a great blog post idea as it can talk about products you use to pack your lunch and the money you saved by doing it.
  • March 20 – National Single Parent Day – Being a single parent has many struggles and joys. Highlight some of your trials (or joys) you have encountered and any products that helped you.
  • March 27 – National Joe Day  – This is a fun day to have a cup of joe with anyone that has a Joe in their name.
  • March 29 – National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day – There is 31.7 small businesses in the United States. Highlight some in your area or if you are in this statistic, explain to your readers what steps you took to start your small business.  

Blog Post Ideas to Discuss for March

These are just a few ideas for creating blog posts. These topics could become a series for March blog posts.

However, if these give you other ideas for articles, go for it!

  • Spring Break – Budget-friendly ways to keep your kids entertained -whether it’s by going on vacation or having a staycation.
  • Annual Grammy Awards – Create content about the different awards, people who may be there, who should have been nominated but was not, etc.
  • Spring Cleaning – Write a series on how you tackle your spring cleaning – inside and outside your home. Also what products you use to make the job quicker, easier and budget-friendly. You could also create a checklist to help your readers with their cleaning schedule.

March Monthly Holidays

With month-long holidays, these could also be used to create content for a series. 

If you have a mom blog, lifestyles blog, craft blog, sports blog, or recipes blog, there are many March holidays to create awesome blog post topics around them.

  • Irish-American Heritage Month
  • March Madness
  • Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month
  • National Caffeine Awareness Month
  • National Celery Month
  • National Cheerleading Safety Month
  • National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Crafting Month
  • National Credit Education Month
  • National Flour Month
  • National Frozen Food Month
  • National Kidney Month
  • National Music in Our Schools Month
  • National Noodle Month
  • National Nutrition Month
  • National Peanut Month
  • National Sauce Month
  • National Social Work Month
  • National Umbrella Month
  • National Women’s History Month
  • Poison Prevention Awareness Month

In Conclusion

March not only brings in spring, but many blog post ideas to shake off those winter blues.

By thinking outside the box, you can come up with many blog post ideas to keep you going all month long.

If you need more places to look for blog post ideas, check out where to find blog post ideas.

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march blog post ideas