100 Blog Post Ideas for July with Examples

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Summer is in full swing.

These July blog post ideas will get you a little bit closer to the end of the year.

The blog niche categories for these post ideas are: Beauty, Home Decor, DIY, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Gardening, Health, Lifestyle, Personal Finance, Organizing, Parenting, Photography, Personal Development, Pet, Productivity, School, Social Media, Travel, Relationships, and Wedding Professionals.

If you have cross niches on your site, take a look at all the post ideas for July as you never know when inspiration will strike you.

I have also included a blog post example in each niche so you can find ways to make your content more in-depth and informative for your readers.

july blog post ideas

Beauty Post Ideas for July

Summer heat is starting to turn up. With that, many are going on vacations and hitting the beach or pool. Help your audience bring out their summer beauty.

  • Beach/pool makeup tips
  • Hairstyles for frizzy hair
  • Best makeup with sun protection (spf)
  • Favorite 4th of July eyeshadow palette
  • Essential beauty products for travel

Blog Post Example: travel beauty essentials

DIY Blog Ideas for July

Outdoors is where your readers may want to be with summer in full swing. So many projects, so little time. Help your readers with easy project ideas.

  • DIY camping gear project
  • 4th of July DIY project ideas
  • DIY outdoor games
  • Best DIY outdoor kitchen ideas
  • DIY solar light project ideas

Blog post example: DIY solar light project ideas

Fashion Post Ideas for July

Summer dresses and sandals! Give your readers outfits to keep cool this summer.

  • Best 4th of July Outfits
  • Essential camping fashion outfits
  • Celebrate National Picnic Month with outfits for all types of picnics
  • July 5th – Fashion outfits for National Bikini Day
  • Trendy Summer Outfits 20XX

Blog Post Example: Cute picnic outfit ideas

Fitness Post Ideas for July

Create articles for not only beginners but don’t forget the intermediate and advanced workouts also.

  • Walking tips for seniors/older adults
  • Running shoes vs Tennis shoes
  • Fitness and Kids – Age-appropriate exercise plan
  • Best fitness tips for intermediate workouts
  • Inexpensive fitness times on Amazon

Blog Post Example: Walking tips for older adults

Food Post Ideas for July

The month for 4th of July celebrations and people getting outdoors to enjoy the weather, create recipes and tips for get-togethers and picnics with family and friends.

  • 4th of July picnic ideas
  • Best low-calorie snacks
  • Top 5 sweet tea recipes
  • How to make homemade potato salad
  • How to make baby food

Blog post example: How to make baby food

Gardening Post Ideas for July

Creating simple checklists to infographics for your readers will help them out to know when they need to do tasks for each season.

  • July gardening guide – Tips and to – do list
  • How to water a vegetable garden
  • Things to grow in a garden for canning
  • Tips to dry and store your garden herbs
  • Natural way to keep animals out of your garden

Blog Post Example: How to dry herbs

Health Post Ideas for July

Because families are on the go, tips and tricks topics are always a sure bet.

Don’t forget spiritual and mental health are very important topics that you can use for blog post articles.

  • 5 Simple healthy lifestyle changes to make
  • Why spiritual health is important
  • Tips to get your mother a health checkup
  • 5 foods for a healthy heart
  • Smoothies – Simple breakfast recipes
  • What is the recommended water to drink per day

Blog Post Example: Why your spiritual health is important

Home Decor Post Ideas for July

This month create a series on the best paint colors for every room in a house. Explain how a color change in a certain room can have positive benefits for your readers.

  • Creative ways to decorate for the 4th of July
  • How to make your home pet friendly
  • What is the best color for a tween bedroom?
  • How do you decorate a room with a puppy?
  • What color not to paint your bathroom?

Blog Post Example: Best color for tween bedroom

Lifestyle Post Ideas for July

If your lifestyle blog as several different categories, pick one category this month and create content for just that topic.

  • How my life changed when I moved in with my ___________.
  • 5 underrated movies for family night
  • Traveling with kids – What to pack
  • How to cope with an aging parent
  • Is a Costco membership worth it
  • Benefits of a no-shoe rule in the house

Blog Post Example: Benefits of leaving your shoes at the door

july blog post ideas

Personal Finance Post Ideas for July

Create a series in July to educate your readers on their credit reports since a good credit score is beneficial to their overall financial health.

  • How to get a free credit report
  • Best credit report monitoring plans
  • What is a credit score used for?
  • 10 tips to raise your credit score
  • How to get credit when you have no credit score

Blog Post Example: Tips to raise your credit score

Organizing Post Ideas for July

Focus your content ideas for outdoor spaces. Decks, patio, pool area, etc are great topics for your readers.

  • Best products to organize a pool area
  • How to organize a shed
  • Best way to organize your clothes
  • Organizational tips for a garage
  • Organizing 101 for patio

Blog Post Example: Organize a garage on a tight budget

Parenting Post Ideas for July

Parenting bloggers have so many different angles for topics. From newborn to adult child, these blog post ideas will help you on your content.

  • How to deal with irresponsible adult children
  • Kids and money – When should you stop helping
  • Pros and cons of co-signing
  • Moving to college- how to help them adjust
  • Are parenting classes worth it?

Blog Post Ideas: Are parenting class worth the money

Pet Post Ideas for July

Pet products are a huge topic you can write about on your blog. With so many new tech products on the market, highlight the top ones you recommend as many new pet owners may be looking for suggestions.

  • Top tech products for your pet
  • Cat nail caps pros and cons
  • Unique birthday gifts for your pet
  • Essential travel accessories for your pet
  • Tips for finding a 24 hour veterinarian

Blog Post Example: Do cat nail caps really work

Photography Post Ideas for July

Take advantage of any holidays each month and help your audience learn about using backdrops and props to take great pictures.

  • 4th of July photo ideas
  • Wedding pictures with dogs ideas
  • How to get your pet to pose for a photograph
  • Essential camera accessories for beginners
  • Photographic ideas while traveling

Blog Post Example: 4th of July photo ideas

Personal Development Post Ideas for July

Personal development is an ongoing learning experience. Topics could also include your readers personal development in their career, home life, relationships, etc. Help them expand their minds.

  • How to find a career not just a job.
  • Best inspirational quotes
  • Finding a place in the world
  • Best quotes for someone grieving
  • Mind, body, soul – how to balance all three

Blog Post Example: How to find your place in this world

Relationship Post Ideas for July

Everyone has many different types of relationships in their life. Child, siblings, co-workers, just to name a few. Create a blog post series in July for one type of relationship that will touch your audience.

  • Tips to get along with a difficult co-worker
  • Be a parent, not a friend
  • Sibling rivalry – Is it healthy?
  • How to be a good partner
  • How to forgive yourself

Blog Post Example: Be a parent, not a friend to your child

School Post Ideas for July

  • College student registries
  • How to balance college and work
  • Buy or Rent college textbook
  • College Senior – When to apply for jobs
  • Essential checklist to go back to college as an adult

Blog Post Example: Set up a college registry on these websites

Social Media Post Ideas for July

Many of your readers may be using social media to drive traffic to their website, create content to help them achieve that goal.

  • How to create a group on Facebook
  • Tips to create videos for Tiktoc
  • How to job search on LinkedIn
  • How to create a pin for Pinterest
  • Social media image size recommendations

Blog Post Example: How to find a job using LinkedIn

Travel Post Ideas for July

With the kids out of school, warm temperatures and a need to get away from it all, your readers are ready to go and travel. Don’t forget to create content to help them to make the most of their vacations or weekend getaways.

  • Best hotels that are pet-friendly
  • Glamping places you don’t want to miss
  • Top romantic getaways to __________
  • Airlines that are kid-friendly
  • Tips for taking a baby on a plane

Blog post example: Tips for taking a baby on a plane

Wedding Professionals Post Ideas for July

Create checklists or To-Do lists to make sure they are ready for the big day and theses lists are always helpful to your readers.

  • Creative wedding photo ideas
  • DIY wedding decorations
  • Maternity wedding dresses for the bride
  • Unique wedding gift ideas
  • Checklist of wedding planning

Blog Post Example: Creative wedding photo ideas

In Conclusion

I hope this list of July blog post ideas sparks your creativity to come out.

Just a reminder, the examples I used are for you to get an idea of what type of content to write about.

Please, do not copy these examples. I know you can write quality content for great user experience.

Am I missing a blog niche that needs to be included in this list? Let me know in the comments.

And as always,

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