100 Blog Post Ideas for April

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April showers bring May flowers which also means you can rock this month with these great blog post ideas for April.

If you are a new blogger or having writer’s block, these April blog post ideas will have you writing great content all month long.

This list of blog post ideas has categories for Beauty, DIY, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Gardening, Health, Home Decor, Lifestyle, Organizing, Parenting, Pet, Productivity, Photography, Personal Development, Personal Finance, School, Social Media, Travel, Relationships, and Wedding Professionals.

But don’t lock yourself into just looking at your niche blog post ideas, you may find inspiration in another niche topic that you can incorporate into your blog content.

Beauty Post Ideas for April

Even though Easter may be a focal point in April, your beauty blog can shine with many more content topics you can write about.

  • New Makeup tips for April
  • Easter nails (Easter may fall in March or April, so if Easter is not in April, do some flower designs for nails
  • How to maximize your tax refund for beauty supplies
  • April 4-10 – National Library Week – Top list of beauty books to check out from the library
  • Create an infographic of skincare routine
  • Ways to protect your skin from the sun and/or air pollution

DIY Blog Ideas for April

Oh, projects! There are so many you can do this month to keep your readers coming back. This is a great month to also create a series for the National Decorating Month. Get creative with your projects and help your audience make their home shine.

  • Favorite DIY project for Easter
  • April 13 – National Scrabble Day – How to create wall art using scrabble tiles
  • Where to find April DIY project bargains
  • April 9 – National Unicorn Day – a DIY project featuring unicorns (who doesn’t love unicorns!)
  • April 17 – Husband Appreciation Day- DIY projects for husband
  • National Decorating Month – create weekly series for DIY decorating projects ideas

Fashion Post Ideas for April

With a holiday and spring in the air, it’s time to help get your readers ready for spring and summer fashions.

  • Easter fashion for a bargain
  • Popular April fashion trends
  • How to accessorize your Easter dress
  • April 22 – Dress for Earth Day
  • Spring outfit ideas
  • Tips on how to spring clean your wardrobe

Fitness Post Ideas for April

Help your audience shake off the winter blues with great fitness articles to get them motivated and stay motivated for the coming of summer.

  • Tips to maximize your tax return for your fitness journey
  • April 7 – National Walking Day – Tips and ways to celebrate
  • April 21 – Administrative Professionals Day – How to stay fit while working at a desk job
  • April 29 – International Dance Day – How to dance your way to fitness
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Food Post Ideas for April

Food bloggers, there are so many ideas for you to write about this month. Most everyone loves new recipes for ideas on how to create healthy meals.

  • Easter meals tips
  • April 2 – Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
  • April 4 – International Carrot Day –
  • April 5 – National Deep Dish Pizza Day
  • April 7 – World Health Day
  • April 12 – National Grilled Cheese Day
  • April 13 – National Make Lunch Count Day
  • April 13 – National Peach Cobbler Day
  • Recipes using the seasonal produce
  • April 19 – National Garlic Day
  • April 20 – National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
  • April 24 – National Pigs in a Blanket Day
  • April 28 – National Blueberry Pie Day
  • April 28 – Stop Food Waste Day
  • April 30 – National Raisin Day
  • National Soy Foods Month

Gardening Post Ideas for April

I am sure you gardening bloggers have been busy writing articles for your readers about getting their gardens ready for the spring time. So this month is especially great since it is National Garden Month and you can create content around it all month.

  • April gardening tips
  • April 7 – World Health Day
  • April 14 – National Gardening Day
  • How to prep your garden for planting
  • April 28 – Stop Food Waste Day
  • National Garden Month

Health Post Ideas for April

Keeping your readers healthly (and happy) is tops on your list. With these topic ideas, you are sure to capture your audience’s attention.

  • How to keep yourself emotionally healthy
  • List of healthy habits for form in April
  • April 4 – International Carrot Day – Tips on healthy ways to cook (or not cook)
  • April 7 – World Health Day
  • April 21 – National Tea Day – List post of best teas for a healthier you
  • Move More Month – Tips on how to move more (take stairs instead of the elevator, park further from the door, etc)
  • Stress Awareness Month –

Home Decor Post Ideas for April

With April celebrateing National Decorating Month, you can create a “how to” series that will last all month for your readers.

  • Easter decorating ideas – inside and outside
  • How to decorate a child’s room to grow with them
  • Tips for decorating on a small budget
  • April 15 – National Laundry Day – Decorating ideas for the laundry room
  • How to find budget-friendly wall art
  • Best decorating items to use in an apartment
  • National Decorating Month

Blog post example: decorate a child’s room to grow with them

Lifestyle Post Ideas for April

Oh you lifestyle bloggers, you have so many different topics you can write about on your blog. Make sure you look at the other blogging topics that fit within your blog to find great inspiration.

  • Art supply guides for kids
  • How to organize your makeup
  • Buying quality clothes vs fad pieces
  • Financial habit of successful women
  • How to organize your child’s artwork from school
  • Decluttering – How to with before and after pictures

Personal Development Post Ideas for April

Help your readers with their personal growth by adding your personality into the article. People want to know that they are not alone in this world on how they feel or what they are trying to accomplish.

  • How to step out of your comfort zone
  • Steps to improve your body language
  • 5 tips on how to let go of the past
  • How to set goals and break them down in small steps
  • Ways to remove toxic thoughts from your mind

Personal Finance Post Ideas for April

Money makes the world go around. Help your readers maximize their tax returns by blogging about the best tax software programs or help them create a budget for a vacation coming up.

  • How to budget for Easter meals (or gift-giving)
  • Best software to use for doing their taxes
  • Which is better? Large refund or small refund
  • Tips to get the most out of your refund
  • Bargain hunts for April
  • How to teach children to save money

Organizing Post Ideas for April

In April, helping your readers organize their homes and life is a great start for the springtime.

  • 10 ideas to get your tax information ready for next year
  • What items to donate for a tax write-off
  • How to declutter a child’s room
  • Morning routine – How to organize to be less stressful
  • April 28 – Stop Food Waste Day – Tips to organize your pantry

Parenting Post Ideas for April

Parenting blogs (especially mom blogs) are taking a lot of the internet by storm. Make sure your parenting blog stands out with helpful tips, tricks and hacks for not only taking care of children but help your readers take time out for themselves.

  • Budget-friendly Easter ideas for families
  • April 4 to 10 – How to celebrate National Library Week with your family
  • April 14 – National Look Up at the Sky Day – What my family learned from the star constellations
  • April 23 – Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
  • April 25 – National Pet Parents Day – Why our pet is so important to our family
  • April 30 – Honesty Day – Why being honest is so important with children

Pet Post Ideas for April

There are many “holidays” for Pet bloggers in April, so take advantage of it and create content for your readers on how they can celebrate those holidays.

  • Top 10 list of products for your pet
  • Write a review of your pet’s favorite toy
  • Gift-giving guide for your pet (Easter)
  • April 6 – National Siamese Cat Day
  • April 10 – National Hug Your Dog Day
  • April 21 – National Bulldogs are Beautiful Day
  • April 25 – National Pet Parents Day
  • National Pet Month (April for the UK and May for the United States)
  • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

Photography Post Ideas for April

Photography bloggers can expand on their photo-taking tips for people that are using their smart phones instead of high dollar photo gear. Many people are looking for tips and tricks on how to take awesome photos with their iPhones.

  • Tips for teaching beginners about photography
  • Easter photography props
  • Tips for taking photographs of flowers
  • How to take sports photographs
  • April 22 – Earth Day – Tips for taking photographs of the world around you

Productivity Post Ideas for April

Help your readers become more productive in their lives. Challenge them with your tips, tricks and hacks.

  • Start a 10-day challenge
  • Share a list of your favorite productivity tools and/or apps and how to use them
  • How to simplify your life to save time

School Post Ideas for April

Whether you have a college student or homeschooling blog, here are some ideas to help you with your blog post ideas. You can also blog about spring break trips to create downtime with your schooling.

  • Earth Day Field Trips (or tips to celebrate)
  • Tips for college-bound siblings
  • List of resources for National Library Week
  • Easter lunch ideas for school
  • Getting your child ready for kindergarten
  • Timeline for senior year of high school to get ready for college
  • Tips for college students to get ready for the fall semester

Social Media Post Ideas for April

These social media ideas can help you create content on your blog or social media sites.

  • Facebook groups to join in April
  • Hashtags for National Humor Month
  • Instagram tips for Easter
  • Trending social media topics for April
  • Create an infographic on how often to post on social media sites
  • How to set up a Pinterest business account

Travel Post Ideas for April

With spring in the air travel bloggers, you can create great content around spring break trips to take.

  • Travel tips for camping with a child with autism
  • Kid-friendly places to vacation
  • 5 top weekend getaways
  • Tips for taking your pet on vacation
  • Budget-friendly destinations for Easter
  • What to pack for a business trip

Relationships Post Ideas for April

Dating, marriage, family, or any other type of relationship bloggers have a great month to highlight what your blog is about.

  • Couple Appreciation Month
  • Gift-giving guide for Easter
  • April 14 – National Ex-Spouse Day – How to be civil to your ex even though you don’t want to
  • April 17 – Husband Appreciation Day – 15 ways to show your husband you appreciate him
  • April 25 – Kiss & Makeup Day – 10 tips on forgiving
  • Things to do (or not to do) when you start dating
  • April 10 – National Siblings Day – Ways to celebrate with your siblings

Wedding Professionals Post Ideas for April

Weddings are always in season. Help your readers get ready for late summer or fall weddings with a few of these blog post ideas.

  • Tips of budget-friendly wedding
  • April 25 – National Hairstylist Appreciation Day – Trending hairstyles for different wedding venues
  • How to get amazing “getting ready” photographs
  • The different types of chairs you can rent
  • What is a groom’s cake?
  • Best websites to DIY your invitations

In Conclusion

Remember, with many blogs creating content about different topics, take a look at other niche post ideas here to find more ideas to help you create content that your readers will love.

These April blog post ideas will give you a great starting point to help you start creating content that speaks to your audience.

And as always,

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P.S. If you want even more ideas for blog topics, check out how to find blog post ideas to keep your blogging calendar full.

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