100 Beauty Blog Post Ideas to Make Your Blog Glow

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A new beauty blogger or not, coming up with blog post ideas for your beauty blog may not be what your best at.

It seems many times you may not have many blog topic ideas to write about.

Sure you want the search engine rankings but what you really want is your target audience to not only read your content but share on social media and keep coming back for more.

What you want is to create content to help solve a problem your readers have.

I have put together many creative beauty blog post ideas to help you write content your people will love.

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Makeup Topic Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

  • Do and Don’t Makeup Tips
  • Makeup tips for __________ (women over 40, 50, 60, dry skin, dark complexion, oily skin, beginners, hooded eyes, wrinkles, hollow eyes)
  • Step by Step Makeup Tips
  • Best Makeup organizers (with compartments, for travel)
  • Makeup bag essentials for beginners
  • “No Makeup” Makeup tips
  • Best eye makeup for men
  • Makeup tips for men
  • Best male makeup products
  • 10 Makeup products and what are they for
  • List of affordable makeup products
  • Makeup ideas for beginners with brown skin
  • Makeup tips when wearing glasses
  • How to hide bags under eyes using makeup
  • How to wear makeup without foundation
  • Makeup tips for acne-prone skin
  • Top products to remove makeup
  • What is vegan makeup
  • List-post of best began makeup and brushes
  • How to use a makeup brush like a Pro
  • Different types of makeup brushes and what are they used for

Need more ideas? Check out these makeup blog post ideas.

beauty blog topic post ideas

Hair Care Topic Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

  • What hair care products to use during pregnancy
  • What hair care products for ________________ (natural curly, straight, thinning, bleached, dry, men, frizzy)
  • Top 5 vegan hair care products
  • Haircare tips for someone with cancer (or after chemotherapy)
  • List Post of hair care essentials/must-haves
  • What hair care ingredients to avoid
  • Haircare night routine
  • Best hair care travel organizer
  • Haircare routines for ____________________ (men, curly hair, damaged, hair growth)
  • Haircare trends for 20XX
  • How to take care of your hair without shampoo
  • 5 best hair styling tools you can’t live without
  • Tips and tricks for using a hairdryer
  • Top 5 benefits for using a scalp massager
  • How to teach your __________ (son, daughter) to wash their hair
  • 5 essential tools for hair care
  • Best vegan products for hair care
  • Best hair care products for _____________ (kids, on a tight budget, women, men)

Skin Care Topic Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

  • Best skin care products for __________________ (dry skin, acne, wrinkles, over 30 40 50 60, men, sensitive skin, combination skin)
  • How does the sun damage the skin?
  • When to wear sunscreen?
  • Your morning and/or evening skincare routine
  • How to have beautiful skin without makeup
  • What are the best Food and/or Vitamins for beautiful skin
  • Washcloth vs __________ (loofah, hands, face brush)
  • Best lotions to use during __________ (spring, summer, fall, winter)
  • How to properly apply sunscreen
  • Best sunscreen products for (kids, women, men, face, swimming, oily skin, hair)
  • Sunscreen products to avoid
  • How to take care of elbow skin
  • Guide to tween skincare
  • What skincare products show tweens use?
  • Teenage skincare routine
  • Benefits of drinking water for skincare
  • Products to use to save money but still have great looking skin

Nail Care Topic Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

  • Best Treatment for weak nails
  • How to properly clean under your nails
  • Should my nails be cut rounded or squared?
  • Best (affordable or budget-friendly) products for at-home nail care
  • How often should I cut my nails?
  • Top 10 tips and tricks for nail care
  • What is the best Food/Vitamins for nail care?
  • Nail polish tips for ___________ (beginners, men, short nails)
  • Painting nail tips and tricks for ________ (women, men)
  • How to paint your nails – Step-by Step
  • Cool nail designs for __________ (guys, specific holiday, short nails, 20XX)
  • Should you wear a base coat? Why or why not
  • Getting started with nail care Step by Step

Monthly Content Ideas for a Beauty Blog

Using monthly content ideas in your beauty blog may help you reach more people for your blog. Any of the six ideas below could be used to create a series for your blog. Do some keyword research to see what your target audience is looking for using these content ideas as a starting point.

Versus Topics

People love “versus” topics. All of the beauty niches have different types of “versus” you as a blogger could use.

You could do multiple posts on bargain (generic) products vs name brand products, or even bargain products vs bargain products.

There is an endless supply of possibilities to help find the products your target wants (and needs) to help them with their beauty journey.

Product Reviews

For all the beauty products that you use, create product reviews for them.

Be honest with the reviews, the good, bad, and ugly of what you liked (or didn’t like) about the product.

Once you have an audience for your blog, your honest product reviews will help them decide to buy (or not) the product.


When do you go shopping for your beauty products? Is there better times when the products you use are on sale? Where can they save money on beauty products?

Take your readers along with you by creating a video for your beauty hauls. Let them see what you bought, how it went and products you may have missed out on.


Go beyond the national holidays and find fun holidays you can write a blog post about. There are “holidays” for pretty much every day of the year.

Take a look through the months and find some that would be of interest to your readers and then create a beauty blog post content around it.

Makeup Looks

Create content around the different makeup looks that people are searching for.

You can have your blog post topics about what is great makeup looks for _____________ (weddings (going to, being in, bride), blue eyes, green eyes, a night out, a specific color of a dress, Halloween, etc.)

This is a great topic to create a series on.

For example: go to Google and type in makeup looks for a – and see what comes up in the autosuggest. Then replace “a” with b, c, d, etc. and you will have numerous topics to create the series on.

Gift Giving Ideas

Of course, you have all the big holidays, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc. you can write content about. But don’t forget all of the other gift-giving events that your readers have.

You can create gift-giving guides for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, just because gifts, etc. to give your readers ideas on what (and where) to buy the best products.

You could also create a blog post on what to give a beginner for the niche you are in.

In Conclusion

All of these beauty blog post ideas will help you keep creating content for your site.

Most importantly, write for your readers and help them solve a problem.

And as always,

Create Yours, Step-by-Step,

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P.S. Would love to hear if these beauty blog post ideas inspired you for creative posts on your blog, so please leave a comment.

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